When is Your Operation Telling You That You Need A Warehouse Management System?

Posted by Jason Tindley on 29-Nov-2019 09:48:35

When is Your Operation Telling You That You Need A Warehouse Management System?


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Warehouse management is critical for keeping your business moving. While stock control can be achieved by ERP system modules or spreadsheets, many businesses now understand the benefits of an optimised, scalable Warehouse Management System (WMS). When considering whether your company could benefit from a WMS, or an updated system, factors to assess include:

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Operational KPIs

Compare your figures with competitors in your industry. If they are lagging behind, ask yourself whether warehouse issues are part of the problem. Even if your KPIs are similar to those of others, improvements to warehousing system management could still give your business a crucial edge.


Stock Losses & Damage

Every item of stock that can't be used profitably is detracting from your bottom line. While a certain level of loss and damage is inevitable, it's crucial to keep these as low as possible throughout the warehouse.


Storage Locations

Make a full audit of your storage locations; the services of a logistics consultant can be a great boon here. Is stock where you want it, at the time it's needed? Or is stock stored inefficiently, leaving some locations underused while others struggle to hold enough?


Employee Productivity

The more time employees spend looking for stock or waiting for it to arrive, the less time they have available for more productive tasks. Pinpoint areas where extra control or management would help operatives to work more efficiently.


Information For Customers

Customers need to feel as though they're at the heart of everything you do. This includes providing them with real-time progress updates as and when they request them. A warehouse management system will help you provide this information in a timely and accurate manner.


Despatches Falling Short

Having the right stock in the right place at the right time is necessary – but not sufficient. The highest possible proportion of orders must be met On Time and In Full (OTIF). Without a suitable warehouse management system, it can be easy to miss vital links in this chain.


Existing WMS Not Meeting Your Needs

Even if you already use a WMS, it may not offer all the features and functions you require. Does it provide end-to-end traceability? Is it fully integrated into back-office systems? Are there real-time dashboards to aid with operational management and stock control?


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