The Importance Of Logistics & Warehousing In A Business

Posted by Jason Tindley on 11-Apr-2019 10:00:00

An efficient transport, warehousing and distribution network delivers a competitive edge and crucial customer satisfaction. It’s the part of the operation that fulfils the sales contract and the needs of customers. Therefore it must be constantly monitored to keep it lean and streamlined.

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6 Benefits Of Supply Chain Management To Retailers

Posted by Jason Tindley on 27-Feb-2019 10:06:01


The fact that Amazon was considering drones as a delivery channel highlights how important that giant considers retail supply chain management to be. That particular innovation focused on only one aspect of the process – speed of delivery to customers (at as low a cost as possible). Optimising the supply chain is not just about reducing costs. It also enhances competitiveness by making your proposition more attractive and winning market share. In the fiercely competitive retail and eCommerce space, winning often equates to faster and cheaper delivery. How well those costs are absorbed into product pricing depends on smart and proactive supply chain management.

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5 Incredible Warehouse Logistics Improvement Ideas That You Have To Try

Posted by Jason Tindley on 06-Dec-2018 11:07:00

As a logistics or warehouse manager, you appreciate that you have an expensive but critical facility at your command. Is there scope for improvement? Have you considered every avenue of exploration to realise even greater efficiencies, productivity and cost savings?

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Topics: Warehouse Management, Warehouse Management System

Your 4 Step Plan To Improving Your Warehouse Logistics

Posted by Jason Tindley on 02-Nov-2018 17:11:13

The warehouse is a big ticket asset with expensive running costs. Logistics managers typically strive to improve efficiencies while also reducing costs. That can seem impossible at times but it’s just like the old adage about the best way to eat an elephant – one bite at a time. Small increments do add up to worthwhile improvements over time and one initiative can often lead to an unexpected positive spinoff that was not foreseen. Here is a simple four step plan to get you started:

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Improve Your WMS With These 3 Simple Steps…

Posted by Jason Tindley on 14-Aug-2018 16:35:15

A good Warehouse Management System should be capable of doing far more than just keeping tabs on stock levels, although doing that accurately and in real time is a critical function. No doubt, your organisation is taking advantage of the most important functionality to maximise its ROI.

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How To Choose The Perfect Warehouse Management System

Posted by Jason Tindley on 19-Jul-2018 11:00:27


lementing a Warehouse Management System that does what you need can greatly enhance productivity and throughout as well as reducing wastefulness that costs money. It enhances customer satisfaction and employee morale and provides a management window into the state of health of one of the more impenetrable and expensive cost centres of a manufacturing or distribution operation.

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Topics: Warehouse Management System

Is It Possible To Successfully Run A Warehouse Without A WMS?

Posted by Jason Tindley on 11-Jan-2018 12:35:00

The King of Egypt 4,000 years ago would have asked “How much grain do we have in storage?” Heads would have rolled if he could not get a reasonably accurate answer (grain lasts about 4 years in good storage).

The Egyptians had a simple WMS based on stock inwards and outwards, transfers and wastage, recorded on clay tablets or on the walls of their granaries. Any type of storage facility simply has to have a warehouse management system, WMS or otherwise it is nothing more than a disorganised asset dump.

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Topics: Warehouse Management System

Core Functions Of A Warehouse Management System

Posted by Jason Tindley on 16-May-2017 02:20:00

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application used to monitor and control warehouse operations and materials right from the point they are received into the warehouse, when they are stored, and finally to when they reach the end-customer.

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How To Choose Warehouse Management Software For A Small Business

Posted by Jason Tindley on 07-Apr-2017 14:13:42

There is a vast range of commercial WMS applications available. It can be a confusing choice for a small business, especially as many platforms might seem to be designed for large companies. 

If you’re a small business with a limited operation, can you take advantage of a WMS? In our experience, yes you can. Businesses of any size can see huge gains in efficiency and reductions in costs by implementing a good warehouse management system.

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Topics: Warehouse Management System

How A Warehouse Management System Works With Barcodes

Posted by Jason Tindley on 24-Mar-2017 10:35:00

Implementing a suitable warehouse management system is the most important thing you can do to improve the efficiency of your operation and cut your running costs. However, all the main WMS systems rely on you having an organised system of barcoding. Without barcodes, you won’t be able to use a WMS to its full potential to improve efficiency and accuracy.

So the very first thing for a warehousing business to do is to review how you currently use barcodes and if this can be tightened up. Although barcodes have been used for decades in retail and logistics, many warehouses still do not make full use of this useful labelling system. In this article we will briefly look at how implementing a barcode system in your warehouse can cut operating costs, while simultaneously paving the way to implement a WMS.

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