Why It’s Important That You And Your Logistics Consultancy Share A Vision

Posted by Jason Tindley on 15-Jun-2020 13:30:00

Why It’s Important That You And Your Logistics Consultancy Share A Vision

Utilising logistics consultants can be a highly effective way of boosting your company's efficiency.

However, if you want them to help you to find and implement a new warehouse management system (WMS), you'll need to work together.

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What Could Go Wrong If You Aren't On The Same Page?

As a business owner or warehouse manager, you're likely to have a firm idea of how you'd like your WMS to operate. However, if you can't communicate this to your logistics planning firm effectively, you're unlikely to get the system that you want.

Not only can this be exceptionally frustrating, it can also affect your bottom line. If you purchase a WMS that doesn't have the functionality you require, you may need to pay for upgrades or even start the procurement process again from scratch.

The Advantages Of Working As A Team

If your logistics consultants have a thorough understanding of your business, they can help you to identify the WMS functions that you require, prioritise these, and pass this information on to your vendor. They'll also be able to assess the amount of training and support you’ll need once your WMS has been installed.

This will enable them to guide you towards a vendor with the appropriate knowledge and resources. Additionally, they should be able to come up with an implementation plan that suits both you and your vendor, so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Many logistics planning companies offer a range of services, including warehouse design and productivity consultancy. Therefore, if you share the same goals and values, they'll help you to take a holistic approach to your situation, so you aren't just buying a WMS in isolation. That could enable you to get better value for money and future-proof your operations.

Choosing And Working With Logistics Consultants

Ideally, you should select an independent logistics planning company with extensive industry experience and exceptional credentials. For example, we've been in business for more than thirty years.

Prepare a list of questions before you speak to a consultant, so you can establish what they can do for you. Explain your requirements and expectations to them in detail, so they'll know exactly what you're looking for.

Once you've chosen your consultants, you'll need to work closely with them in order to select a vendor and a WMS, and produce satisfactory implementation and support plans. It's also crucial to ask them to clarify anything you don't understand. This will enable them to communicate with both you and your vendor more effectively, so you can get the WMS you want and need.

Next Steps

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