4 Benefits Of Post-Purchase Platforms

Posted by Jason Tindley on 22-Oct-2019 16:37:28

4 Benefits of Post-Purchase Platforms

Call it what you will; after sales service, customer relations, or post-purchase marketing. Research shows that using automated post-purchase platforms (PPP), you have a 60/70% chance of converting a satisfied existing customer, and just a 5/20% chance of converting a new customer. Although all research points to large gains for retailers and brands, what are the benefits for a 3PL carrier who embraces post-purchase platforms in partnership with the suppliers?

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1) Customer Care

Although a customer may have the option to track their package, in today’s consumer driven world, this alone is not enough. Nor is an email two days previously stating their package should arrive on Monday, or Tuesday or Wednesday. With increasing numbers of 3PL companies already embracing post-purchase platforms, greater numbers of customers are beginning to expect emails or texts keeping them informed of their package’s journey up to the point of delivery: informed literally to the last mile of its journey.

2) Dockside To Distribution Hub

Working on a fully integrated retailer, logistics, and consumer PPP, a third party logistics supplier can keep track of containers for any holdups dockside or from retailers or manufacturers. This can help minimise delays and downtime at distribution hubs, with vehicles standing idle waiting for loading. Customers can be informed as early as possible of any delay to estimated delivery times, and allow them to make alternative arrangements.

3) Knock, Knock – No One There

Logistics companies have to work long hard hours to keep vehicle fleets profitable on margins that are constantly being squeezed by the big retailers. Seconds lost add up to hours lost and one of the biggest culprits is no-one being available to take the package at the doorstep.

A driver can often lose five or ten minutes waiting for a customer and filing missed delivery paperwork. Using an integrated PPP, with regular carrier to customer updates, the consumer can rearrange almost at the last minute, allowing the driver to continue to his next drop with minimum loss of time.

4) Customer Feedback

Probably the most important of all post-purchase contacts is inviting customers to provide their opinion on the product and delivery. With ecommerce transactions, the customer’s only face-to-face contact is the 3PL delivery driver. A cheery ‘good morning, delivery for you’, goes along way on the customer satisfaction scale – for you and your brand partners. When the retailer sends out their survey on service and delivery, satisfactory ratings for delivery will ensure continued collaboration between your 3PL company and suppliers.

The Right PPP For Your Business

There are several providers offering cloud based PPP software as a service (SaaS), from stand-alone apps to integrated packages. Across the whole spectrum of industries and commerce there are post-purchase platforms that can help increase your conversion rates and improve profitability. For help making the right software investments for your business, please call LPC today on +44 (0) 1285 640038.

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