Camelot- Picking & Packing Review

Posted by Jason Tindley on 28-Nov-2017 16:36:04

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LPC were engaged by Camelot to review its picking and packing operation that had been adapted over the years to support the growth in scratch card games with the packing stations being amended and added to over time.

Due to these incremental changes to the operation, issues have arisen in relation to health and safety matters arising from narrow paths, restricted access to fire escapes and the poor ergonomic layout of the picking and packing area whereby operators have to twist and turn within the “U” shape pick face and then put the packs behind them.

The review was to cover the design and layout of the picking and packing operation to include the material flows and operation from reserve storage through to loading into the carrier vehicle trailers on the door(s).

The review would also look at the design of the pick and pack stations, the health and safety issues and consider automation where appropriate to improve the operation while retaining full traceability and accountability.

Consideration also had to be given to the increase in the number of games offered plus consumables and planograms.

The options developed included

  • Manual Pick and Pack
    • Each operative picks and packs orders
  • Manual Pick and Semi-Automated Packing
    • Automated solutions each with capex requirements and potential benefits.
  • Automated Pick and Pack
    • Automatic dispensing and pick of game cards

The solutions each considered:-

  • Redesign of pack station with integrated takeaway conveyor
    • With as much activity as possible in front of operative
    • As much replenishment activity as possible by service man
    • Better ergonomics
    • Better productivity
    • Increased pick locations

The outcome from the review was to provide an efficient cost effective solution against which Camelot could tender for an integrated solution.

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