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Why You Should Have Your Logistics Reviewed And Redesigned By A Professional

Posted by Jason Tindley on 07-Sep-2018 15:03:31

Why You Should Have Your Logistics Reviewed And Redesigned By A Professional

There are two reasons why you should consider a Logistics Professional. The first is experience, even though your in-house logistics managers may be best of breed and perform to your highest expectations, they can rarely enjoy the breadth of exposure to numerous learning situations from other industries and operations across the globe that a logistics consultant will have.

The second is time, the pressure of constantly and consistently running an operation does not often allow the scope for a logistics manager to step back and review their operation. This wider expertise and knowledge is why successful businesses of all sizes engage a consultant from time to time.

Sometimes it’s to assist with a specific problem or project. Possibly a purpose that delivers the most value of all is a total review and possible restructuring of your logistics operation.

Why An Overhaul Can Deliver Exceptional Value

Essentially, it’s because transport and logistics never stands still but your operation probably has in many respects, constrained by the existing processes and equipment designed for past requirements. New technologies range from telemetry and GPS based tracking and routing tools and data, to advances in software, vehicle engines, chassis design, tyres, lorry loaders, materials handling equipment, the Internet of Things (IOT) and a whole lot more including international best practice.

With the best will in the world, a logistics manager cannot keep abreast of new developments in every applicable discipline. And frequently, a new development is not just a stand alone innovation but is wrapped in complementary innovations and technologies to deliver something truly different and worthy of assessment.

A logistics consultant brings this type of current knowledge and thinking inside your organisation. That converts into benefits such as:

Greater Efficiency – Lower Cost

The whole objective is to make your logistics model and processes streamlined and less costly. For example, your company may be wasting money and resources by utilising an outdated transport model. A logistics professional will assess your shipping requirements and identify ways to make the process more streamlined through the application of leading edge knowledge, practices and tools.

One useful aspect of logistics in tandem with modern data capture and storage is that a great deal of activity is now measurable. To quantify the benefits of change, it is always best to have the available before and after measurements. Good business practice demands that the effect of planned changes be measurable. That is the only way to implement a program of continuous service improvement, for example. If these are not currently available in your operation, it is very likely that they will be a very high priority on the list of recommendations suggested by the consultant.

Greater Customer Satisfaction - Improved Service levels

A more efficient logistics model should result in faster or more reliable deliveries to your customers. That is the cornerstone of enhanced customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty. Once your brand’s reputation increases in the global marketplace, you automatically gain a competitive edge. Tying this back to the benefit of engaging a logistics consultant – you possibly cannot achieve the same level of results by yourself.


A logistics professional thinks in a different way to an in-house logistics manager. That is no disrespect to a logistics manager – they simply have different roles, different terms of reference and different thought processes are involved.

Logistics consultants are practiced at coming up with innovative ideas to enhance or redesign processes. They also know a great deal about what may have been tried and failed as well as what worked well elsewhere. One innovation can be worth literally thousands in costs saved, or deliver a surge in productivity and efficiency.

Engaging A Professional

Engaging a professional logistics consultant means you obtain the services of an expert who:

  • Has greater relevant specialised experience
  • Has an objective and unbiased approach
  • Can call on better resources

The consultant can:

  • Diagnose issues
  • Suggest innovative and cost-effective solutions
  • Harness leading edge developments that you may be unaware of
  • Help with smooth implementation
  • Save your company a multiple of the consulting fees

Contact us today for a free initial consultation and assessment of your objective. Action to resolve your issue or requirements starts with a phone call.

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