5 Advantages Of Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Posted by Jason Tindley on 10-Sep-2019 15:49:00

5 Advantages Of Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Popular with owners of contemporary warehouses attempting to automate their procedures, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are designed to enable companies to store goods in a compact and logical manner, and retrieve them with ease. These computer-controlled systems come in a number of different forms, but here are five ways in which your business could benefit if you install one of these practical systems.

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1) Your Labour Costs Should Be Lower

Installing an automated storage and retrieval system can help you reduce the amount of time it takes to store deliveries and pick orders, enabling you to expand your operations without needing to take on additional workers. You may also be able to move existing team members to more complex roles and streamline your operations.

2) Order Picking Accuracy Levels Should Improve

In many cases, order picking issues are due to human error and, if you use an AS/RS, you can often prevent them from occurring. Systems that utilise pick-to-light or voice picking technology, for example, will guide your workers directly to the items they need, so they'll be less likely to make mistakes.

3) Your Operations Should Become More Efficient

Not only will pickers be able to find items quickly and easily, processes such as replenishing, monitoring and ordering stock will become less time-consuming. This, in turn, will improve workflow throughout your warehouse and the overall effectiveness of your company.

4) Make The Most Of Your Available Storage Space

Automated storage and retrieval systems tend to feature designs which include tall storage racks and narrow aisles, as your employees won't need to reach products on the highest shelves or operate forklifts manually between the racks. This means you could free up space for other things or increase the amount of stock you hold.

5) Healthier Profits

Thanks to its time-saving, space-saving and efficiency-boosting capabilities, an AS/RS can provide you with a rapid return on investment, and have a positive ongoing effect on your business's bottom line.

Formulating A Strategy To Improve Warehouse Performance

By planning a programme of ongoing improvements to your warehouse processes, and making use of the latest technology and management techniques, you can maximise the efficiency of your operations. You can find information about how to review and perfect your procedures in our free, downloadable Continuous Improvement Guide.

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