Trinity House – Re-Engineering

Posted by Jason Tindley on 28-Nov-2017 16:35:32

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LPC were engaged by Trinity House to review their Supplies Warehouse Facility for the purpose of reviewing their storage and handling of stock items, the operation and the systems employed.

The scope was to include all internal and external storage, the yard and the potential option of storage in Mermaid House. The material flows and access was to be considered plus the inclusion of any future potential opportunities such as project tooling all taking into account relevant storage properties and characteristics, handling needs and level of activity.

Trinity House had run out of capacity in the existing supplies store which forms part of the Buoy Workshop.

The client had no fixed ideas about how the storage or material flows could be optimised and therefore it was expectant of LPC to provide options for review with frim recommendations.

As there were no volumetrics to analyse over the wide range of items ranging from spares and components from fuses and fixings to fabrications held across many stock categories, we approached the study by sizing the existing stock cube and the cubic space available for internal storage.

Trinity House – Re-Engineering - Extra Image2.pngOnce this exercise was completed we were able to identify and review options for:

  • Internal storage design to the existing store area and another existing building
  • Externally, the requirements for a new building and its potential location
  • Description of changes to operation
  • Analysis and material flows
  • Details of storage systems and mechanical handling equipment proposed
  • Plans and sections of storage systems and proposed building
  • Summary and recommendations

On approval of a preferred option we were then able to develop a concept design for the new building stating its capacity and capabilities and providing budget costing for the building and fitting out.

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