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Posted by Jason Tindley on 07-Mar-2017 16:07:56

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A key feature of this project has been the level of integration of technology required to meet very demanding customer service requirements including accuracy and flexibility. The solution features 29 metre high bay storage, mini-load tote storage and picking using “pick-by-light” technology. Importantly, the client retained LPC International to undertake not only the initial conceptual planning study but also the detailed design, the tendering and selection of equipment suppliers and programme management through to completion.

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Arguably the most “advanced” DC installation that we’ve worked on in the recent past, the Screwfix Direct DC was designed and worked on from concept to completion. LPC had full responsibility as “The Engineer” (under an MF1) Form of Contract) for the design, selection, installation, testing and commissioning of all the handling and storage installations which included:­

  • 29m high automatic cranes working in double-deep pallet racking 
  • 40,000 pallet racking (bulk storage) in the ASRS high bay installation with double deep cranes
  • 40,000 totes stored in four x 4 tier tote pick silos for the order picking (in ‘unit’ or ‘each’ quantities) of small items, with pick-by-light technology to facilitate picking into totes or direct to cartons on conveyors
  • RDTs for fast / large item case picking and pallet handling.
  • Fully automatic replenishment of the tote live storage installation by means of tote carrying automatic cranes
  • Automatic cross-belt sorter system for transporting order totes / cartons between the pick silos and either the manual or automatic packing stations.
  • Adjustable pallet racking with pick-to-belt for “medium” sized items
  • Cantilever racking and other specialist forms of storage for “long” items, very heavy items and very bulky products
  • Flammables store for high risk products
  • Advanced WMS and WCS systems
  • Automatic carton erection, labelling and closing machines
  • Automatic tote stackers and de-stackers
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