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Sainsbury’s Plc - Facility Re-engineering

Posted by Jason Tindley on 07-Mar-2017 16:43:42

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The principal objective of the Initial Review was to provide expert opinion as to whether, or not, the fulfilment factories are ever likely to each be capable of consistently and reliably assembling the required number of cases per week, of chill, ambient and produce, for delivery to around 80 main retail stores.


Following the initial review a more detailed study was undertaken which included all relevant aspects of the operational performance specifications, equipment designs and specifications, IT hardware and software, equipment availability, reliability, accuracy and redundancy; operational demands including volumes and capacities; in order to determine whether the fulfilment factories are “fit for purpose” and, if not, to prepare options to remedy the situation.
Having completed that phase the option was decided on to remove the automation from the Ambient chambers and install conventional wide aisle adjustable pallet racking operations with the capacity and flexibility required to meet current and future demands. Also, in the case of Waltham Point, it was decided to increase the capacity and flexibility of the chill chamber by moving some of the cranes from the ambient chamber to the buffer areas in the chill chamber. LPC then continued the project by assisting with the Ambient Chamber Design,Review of the integrator’s Proposal and Contract and Engineer and Design Support.


The Ambient Chamber Design included re-analysis of updated information and the production of layout plans covering:­

• Racking

o Rack locations, size and orientation
o Gangways / aisles
o Building and rack protection

• Doors

o Position and layout of additional doors (if required)
o Marshalling areas

• Ancillary

o MHE battery charging, layout, automated / non automated
o MHE parking
o MHE tramming routes
o Lineage and signage


Also included were the specification and scheduling of the MHE required for the redesigned layout.


LPC reviewed the Integrators Proposal and Contract to provide advice to Sainsbury's regarding both the contract and MHE content of the proposal. This latter part included the review of drawings and specifications to maintain the continuity and adherence to the overall Chill / Ambient design of the sites. The work included functional assisting with specifying the design process for modifications to the WCS.

LPC provided Engineer and Design Support for the strip out and re-fit phases of the projects by provision of ongoing advice and support to:

• Monitor and check drawings as issued by all parties to ensure that the MHE requirements are adequately accommodated in the construction phase.

• Snagging of all MHE installed items, mezzanines, racking, cranes, conveyoring, etc., and M&E Services

• Specifying building and equipment protection, operational lineage and signage

• Provide advice as required to Sainsbury’s in connection with the project regarding both the integrators activities and other related areas of the operation.

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