Facility Design – Network Consolidation – A Case Study

Posted by Jason Tindley on 01-Sep-2023 16:45:22


LPC were retained by a leading retailer to support the sizing and mechanical handling requirements for a new distribution centre. The client was consolidating its network into a single site. LPC determined a mix of narrow and wide aisle racking, miniload and AMR’S / shelving over three mezzanine floors. Numerous activity areas meant that material flows were a key consideration to provide an efficient and optimum solution. Once the agreed concept was signed off, LPC supported in developing the financial business case for Board approval.

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Facility Fitout

A previous client contacted LPC to determine the sizing requirements for a facility to accommodate for growth and to set up a secondary pick face in the event that there was a disaster in any of their other facilities.

Once the storage type, cube and footprint, receiving and despatch areas were determined the overall building height and size could be advised to the client to enable a search to be undertaken for a suitable property. Once the property was found by the client, LPC laid out the requirements to validate that the property was suitable.


LPC undertook an operational audit for a company that is based in the UK and expanded into the North American market. Upon visiting the UK warehouse, it was identified that the operation had no location management system and no system to support the warehouse operation, over stock and non-essential items, unsafe working practices for the unloading of containers, no dedicated packing area, lack of marshalling for picked orders. A report was issued identifying how improvements could be addressed.

WMS Procurement

A long-standing overseas client re-engaged LPC to support them in identifying the functional requirements for a new WMS. This entailed a review of the operation, future business requirements and workshops to scope the WMS RFI/RFQ. Concurrently, LPC proposed some schemes and budget costs to increase capacity in the ambient and freezer chambers incorporating automation/robotics. The proposals identified a 28% and 10% capacity increase respectively.

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