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LPC Help Fit-Out Design for Homecare Pharmaceuticals

Posted by Jason Tindley on 28-Jun-2024 12:13:22


A Homecare Pharmaceuticals company contacted LPC to support them in the fit-out design and operational layout for a new facility.

This entailed determining the requirements of the warehouse to support the operation, with particular emphasis on the flow of raw materials and the storage, handling, picking and packing and dispatch of finished goods.

Temperature control environments for chilled products also needed to be considered with a bespoke fridge with internal mezzanine for future growth.

The scheme concluded with the handling and processing of all goods on the ground floor with a mezzanine over the entire floor for the administrative function including call centre, managerial suite, rest rooms, lockers room, training room etc. An intermediate mezzanine floor was included for amenities and storage areas.

Fly through videos were generated for the purpose of the client to visualise the concept and help support the refinement of the scheme.

A number of sub options were proposed to show how efficiencies in future picking could be undertaken with the use of carton live storage to a Vertical Lift System (VLM) and a Tote/Tray Shuttle system.

As the new facility was a base build specification, LPC also supported the client with outline specifications for the fit out and with the planning applications(s) for changes to the facility.

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