LPC Designs Bathroom Retailers Material Handling System

Posted by Jason Tindley on 09-Dec-2021 12:00:30

LPC Designs Bathroom Retailers Material Handling System (3)

A specialist bathroom online retailer engaged LPC to design their materials handling system for a new twenty thousand sq.m facility. The existing operation operated across two local sites with third party storage also locally. The sites were constrained for storage capacity, receiving and loading areas with a congested packing operation.

The new facility is to be delivered under a design and build contract. LPC were engaged early in the process and thus was able to influence the design and layout of the structural grid and door types, positioning and location to optimise the density of the storage footprint and material flows to the goods doors. This was also to incorporate a mezzanine (with future expansion) for spares etc.

The materials handling system was designed to incorporate wide and narrow aisle racking and also taking into account the future growth of the business and specifically the growth in certain sku’s to implement shuttle racking and miniload systems in the future. 

A number of options were developed to determine the optimum solution with resource planning accompanied with projected fit out costs for the entire operation.

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Topics: Warehouse Design

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