Atchison Topeka Warehouse Design and Project Support

Posted by Jason Tindley on 07-Mar-2017 16:12:54

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At the point LPC were retained, the site had already been selected with an outline design having been produced.

During due-diligence it soon became evident that the flexibility of internal layout and operational facilities required by the client could not be met by the initial design.

In order to meet the business needs, LPC determined the warehouse storage and materials handling system design and specification, materials flow planning, definition of work processes and procedures, warehouse building design and preparation of performance specifications. This also extended to the warehouse site layout planning and office layouts both for main office and warehouse office.

Further into the contract, LPC provided project support dealing with construction contractors and other trades, pre-selection of potential suppliers managing ITT processes for supplying storage, materials handling equipment, dock equipment etc. Also analysed were the identification of direct labour and MHE resource requirements and overseeing the installation testing and commissioning of MHE and storage equipment.

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LPC revised the design based on storage and handling requirements, both current and projected, which would then allow the use of either a wide aisle and or very narrow aisle rack layouts.

Newly awarded contracts deemed that very narrow aisle racking operated by Combi trucks were then specified as the most practical solution to meet the client’s demands.

Initial requirements were for only a proportion of the warehouse requiring racking with the remainder of the floor space left for block stacking of additional products as required.

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Dock and door numbers were validated and the inclusion of dock pods as opposed to dock levellers inside of the warehouse were specified maximising storage space.

Tenders for racking and MHE were prepared, issued, processed and responses scored and AT advised as to who would be shortlisted.

Continued support was given to the client during final presentations and selection of equipment providers as well attending site meetings during the construction phase ensuring continuity through the build.

Concluding with the assisting with the snagging both of the build and fit out and signing off that remediable works, when completed, had been correctly carried out.

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Prior to project completion growth projections were exceeded and the initial footprint of racking was expanded to fill the whole of the warehouse with additional Combi trucks also ordered to meet throughputs.

LPC were subsequently retained by Atchison Topeka to review the bulk powders facility and provide further logistics advice.

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