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Posted by Jason Tindley on 07-Mar-2017 16:12:19

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LPC were retained by Alghanim to develop a Master Plan at their Jahra site in Kuwait that had an existing Electronics warehouse and a number of small ancillary buildings already built.

The brief was to conduct a detailed logistics-based study and develop a “MasterPlan” for the Jahra site to include the existing Electronics Warehouse, a new GTRC Warehouse, a multi-storey warehouse for New Cars, New Car Preparation (NCP) facilities, a new warehouse for Furniture and Home Furnishings, plus the potential (medium-longer term) re-development of the areas currently occupied by existing buildings, the Archives Store, open AC unit storage, and engineering open storage, plus such other site facilities as appropriate, and allowing for future growth of each part of the business.

In conjunction with the site “MasterPlan” LPC were to develop logistics-based designs for each of the individual warehouses and associated facilities to be built on the site, to include:- GRTC Warehouse – a composite (multi-temperature) warehouse for the storage and distribution of long-life foodstuffs and health and beauty products.

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New Car Warehouse – a multi-storey warehouse to accommodate 4,000 new cars, plus its associated new car preparation areas.

Furniture and Home Furnishings Warehouse – for the storage and distribution of assembled furniture, flat pack furniture, plus a wide range of home furnishings and homewares.

Central Archive – an archiving facility for central records.

External Areas – the planning of all traffic flows, and parking and manoeuvring areas, for incoming containers and commercial vehicles, plus the companies own fleet of large, medium and small delivery vehicles and home delivery fleet.

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The deliverables included:- LPC International’s interpretation of the Company’s business development strategy and logistics vision.

All the warehouses and other buildings to include provision for further expansion as appropriate that entailed:- site access and egress for commercial and private vehicles, traffic and container parking, queuing, manoeuvring areas, all external storage areas and equipment, plus significant plant and equipment. Traffic routes and vehicle “flows” around the site had to be considered and the proposed use of the site had to take advantage of different levels of ground within the site and the phased development of the site over a ten year period. Several options of the MasterPlan were developed for detailed consideration and debate, prior to the selection of a single, preferred, solution.

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The preferred solution was determined by modularity and flexibility of the design, ease of expansion whilst employing best practice material handling systems, vehicle flows around the site and how the overall development could be built with minimal impact on current operations over the planning horizon.

The GRTC and Furniture and Home Furnishings warehouses were sized at 20,000m2 and 35,000m2 respectively. The siting of these two facilities allowed for a through flow operation with a communal yard that would later allow for both facilities to expand to one another to totally develop the yard and thus entail a ‘U’ Flow operation for both facilities.


LPC concluded the project by providing detailed drawings for the MasterPlan, the warehousing facilities in conjunction with Building Performance and Logistic related Equipment specifications to provide Alghanim with a definitive scoping document to issue to local Building Contractors.

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