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LPC was commissioned to develop a site master plan and comprehensive concept design for the new temperature controlled DC. This documentation was used as the ‘client’s requirements’ for the appointed design consultants who developed the specific details for construction including architectural requirements, structural requirements, mechanical services, electrical services and drainage etc.

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Briefing discussions with the client indicated the need for a flexible solution providing a variety of temperature controlled chambers (freezer, chilled and ambient) which could be sub-divided if required and capable of housing a variety of storage systems. The facility had to provide the maximum allowable development area and be capable of being built in phases. The design also had to allow for some expansion of the freezer chamber if business development required this in the future. Office space needed to be provided for warehouse operatives as well as ‘headquarters’ staff.

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As this was a new venture there was no historical data on which to base the design. However some data was provided for a similar DC in Kuwait and analysis of this gave an indication of potential operational parameters for the new facility (e.g. pallet and case volumetrics, delivery schedules, fleet size and make-up, quantity of docks/doors, staffing, equipment etc.).

Seven site concept designs were developed covering a variety of site layouts, building shapes and orientations. Each option identified any issues of non-compliance with KAEC guidelines, these were discussed with the client and the option to be developed further was agreed.

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The concept design underwent several client reviews before being finalised. It complied with all KAEC guidance except two: waivers were sought, and given, for having a building height in excess of the permitted maximum in order to make better use of the storage envelope; and the provision of a separate car entrance to increase safety, reduce congestion and segregate car and vehicle traffic.

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The building envelope and column spacing were designed to accommodate wide aisle racking initially but allowed migration to a denser storage solution (narrow aisle racking, push back, double deep or shuttle) if/when required. The design also allowed for chamber sub-division by installing additional iso-walls without affecting potential racking layouts.

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The final concept solution indicated a total site development area of around 69,000m2 including 6,000m2 of freezer storage area, 700m2 of chilled storage area and 50,000m2 of ambient storage area, of which 5,000m2 could be converted to freezer storage area. A mezzanine floor provided a further 3,000m2 of ambient storage space and around 5,000m2 of office space was provided. The storage envelope could be constructed in four separate phases.
LPC employed the services of a Quantity Surveyor, with offices in the Middle East, to help develop a cost plan for the project and provided photo realistic three dimensional images to help the client visualise the concept design.


The concept design package was issued in April 2014 and provided comprehensive information including a specification for the required works, site layout drawings, storage design drawings, offices and ancillary areas drawings and budget costs for construction.

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