One/Two Day Warehouse & Logistics Consultancy Plus Full Report

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Here's your chance to get the benefit of 30 years of experience in offering practical solutions to warehousing & logistics problems.

Our one/two-day consultancy is an ideal service for a company wanting some initial advice or to work with us on a small scale first. It is also ideal for smaller warehouse facilities.

Submit your enquiry, and we'll contact you to discuss your needs and finalise the time needed (one day, two days or something in between) as well as the costs.

What You'll Get:

You'll get one of our senior consultants spending time at your facility, working with you, reviewing your systems and processes, answering questions and providing advice plus a comprehensive follow-up report.

The consultancy can cover any of the following:

  • Storage systems
  • Picking systems
  • MHE & Manual Handling Equipment
  • Trolleys, packing stations, benches
  • Processes & procedures
  • System requirements
  • Budget costing
  • Procurement and performance specification for new equipment
  • Advice on suppliers, supplier selection and the market
  • Operational advice

It can also explain:

  • How to expand capacity or throughput
  • How to re-engineer an existing facility
  • How to lay out a new facility

How Others Have Used This Service:

Other clients have used this service for:

  • Supporting the business case for a new facility
  • Identifying the systems and process requirements for new products
  • Planning a new facility
  • Reviewing operational plans produced internally and giving a second opinion

It is an ideal way to begin a working relationship with us - let us demonstrate our expertise and show how much value we can add to your business.

So to discuss this service with us, confirm your details on the enquiry form provided and we will respond to you with a fixed cost.

Contact details:
David Hayward-Browne

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